Restoration of 'De Schoenenfabriek'
Jan Dannenberg Carpenter service

Restoration of 'De Schoenenfabriek'


In Groningen we restored the historical building of 'De Schoenenfabriek'. A lot of original details were kept and created a very special atmosphere.

That's why 'De Schoenenfabriek' won the award for best shopping experience in 2015. During his Speech on New Year's Eve the famous Dutch comedian Herman Finkers wore a pair of shoes from 'De Schoenenfabriek'!


Logo De Schoenenfabriek
Client:De Schoenenfabriek
What does our team have to say about this project?

”I liked this project very much, because of its robust, original and cheecky concept. And new to me: I had to order the ceiling decorations in the USA!”

Photo: Jan Dannenberg:Carpenter service
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