Our strenghts

Our strenghts

Solid construction speaks for itself, but what do clients and partners say about AKOR? That we provide peace of mind!

Are you looking for a contractor that:

  • listens to you attentively?
  • communicates openly with you?
  • plans wisely?
  • and above all, contributes to finding practical solutions?

Get in touch today! It’s for these reasons that retail organisations continue to entrust us with their projects. Agreements made are agreements honoured; the grand opening has been scheduled and everything needs to be in place and in order!

What once started as a small-town business from Rijssen, has now grown into a trusted partner known for establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with its clients.

 Our motto is: The AKOR team makes it happen!

We develop your property and go further than construction alone. We are working with BIM (Building Information Modeling). Thanks to this intelligent 3D model everyone understands the process more and better decisions can be made.

Finding flexible and creative solutions for the property challenges faced by businesses, retail organisations, government bodies and private individuals is our area of expertise. Our own workshop, materials department and our assembly team on site come in handy! 

Safety on the building site is our priority number one! That's why we have acces control with permit and protection means have to be used on the head (helmet), the ears (hearing protection). We also insist on wearing different colours of safety vests to show who can do which activities.

We are also qualified for renovation and building restoration. A good example for this is the historical building of De Schoenenwinkel in Groningen





The AKOR team makes it happen!